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What you believe is what you create in your life. Heard that before?? Did you know your beliefs were programmed prenatally, at birth and up to age six??  

While you are this young, you are observing and figuring out how to function and ‘be’ in the world. Tons of information and beliefs are being downloaded into your conscious and subconscious mind. You haven’t yet learned the qualities needed for discernment and judgment yet, so all this information that was downloaded is probably still there and still defining you. Default software. Your conscious mind is unaware of what was downloaded and is still running.

You may have noticed some patterns or clues in your own life and experiences that make you wonder. What you thought you would do, decided to do and what happens keeps missing, keeps not happening.  What if there was a simple way to update or re-write some of the auto-pilot going on?

What if you could look forward to each day? Trust yourself to make the best choices? Feel worthy of the best life has to offer? Feel worthy of making the kind of money you deserve, doing things you love and are good at? Forgive yourself and others? Just to name a few… then PSYCH-K® might be for you!

PSYCH-K® is a combination of familiar practices and some new concepts of how our brains and minds really work. Here are some of the things that make PSYCH-K® stand out–

  • It is easy-to-learn and easy-to-use. You can take a weekend workshop and learn everything necessary to make major changes for yourself. PSYCH-K® processes can be practiced alone, with a friend, or with a trained facilitator(becoming a facilitator requires two workshops/classes. A total of seven days of training)
  • The PSYCH-K® process depends predominantly on the individual seeking change, not on the facilitator. PSYCH-K® engages and activates the inner resources of the subconscious and superconscious mind of the person seeking change. The facilitator works WITH the individual honoring the power and responsibility for making the changes they are interested in making.
  • There is no need to fully recall, remember or understand an event or trauma that led to one or more limiting beliefs. PSYCH-K®  can simply change the belief.
  • Because this process interacts with the individuals’ inner wisdom or superconscious connection, the goal and belief change is safe and appropriate for the individual wanting something to change, be better. PSYCH-K® has built-in permission and safety protocols, a big advantage to making real change and makes this significantly different from other processes.
  • Faster than most talk therapies
  • PSYCH-K® works synergistically and will not interfere with any other healing practices, including therapists, energy healers, medical professionals, life coaches, and clergy, to mention a few. 

The Three Minds we all have– The superconscious mind is different from our other two “minds.” Most are aware of or have heard of, the other two–the conscious (power of choosing or determining) mind sets goals and judges results. The subconscious (or routine, habitual, auto-pilot) mind is programmed to respond to its environment automatically. The superconscious mind is more like an experienced guide watching over your development. Although the superconscious is a valuable source of expanded awareness, conferring the superconscious is often overlooked.  A good student seeks to master the knowledge gained from a teacher.  Allowing your conscious mind to integrate the wisdom of the superconscious mind with the subconscious mind, develops and creates a unified consciousness. In this state, correct action is automatic because intuition, choice, and action become fluid and creates change.

The Superconscious Connection – The idea of a superconscious mind has been a part of human culture for as long as humans have been using their minds and brains. Other names or titles for the superconscious mind are Higher Self, Spirit, or Soul. While this debate continues to this day,  many mainstream experts continue to debate its existence, however, the concept of the superconscious mind has been studied and researched, and now accepted by some of the brightest intellects humanity has produced, Bruce Lipton, PhD Quantum Physicist, to name one.   The existence of a spiritually expanded consciousness is the bridge between contemporary spirituality and contemporary psychology. PSYCH-K actively blends these two perspectives to create change.

Two Videos to watch for more understanding:

Cell Biologist, Dr. Bruce Lipton, (The Biology orf Perception, The Psychology of Change) and Robert Williams created an amazing DVD that provides a practical, logical and scientific understanding of these innovative new ideas. As you watch the DVD, pieces begin to fit in place and come together as you see and understand the nature of the mind/body connection and your mind/body connection. This DVD can be viewed free online

Bruce Lipton explains the science behind PSYCH-K: (108 minutes). For more info on Bruce Lipton, and a list of his books and more videos, go to

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