Testimonials About TBM:

TBM"It seemed so simple. During my pregnancy, my blood pressure was high. The midwife performed a few movements with her hands. These included tapping and swirling her hands around different parts of my body. After she finished, she tested me by having me hold my arm out and resist her downward pressure. Once I was strong and able to hold my arm out without losing strength, she knew she was finished. After the procedure, she took my BP again, and it was completely normal. Just like that. Amazing."

—Renai and Rowan Gallagher.

"Ok, about TBM...I wasn't sure what to think about it at first, it sounded pretty wacky. Even more wacky when you would silently ask my body questions! But I believe in a lot of stuff that other people think is BS (homeopathy, namely) and so I felt very open to trying it. Homeopathy has always worked for me, especially where conventional medicine has failed, and so I believe in "alternative' ways of healing. I always entertain the possibility that it is all in my head, but if it works, who cares? So that was my initial thought about TBM: sounds weird, but if you and I both think it will work, it probably will. I trusted you completely, and the fact that you were willing to use TBM to resolve big issues such as Strep, made me trust it. (Now, am I getting my treatments mixed up??)

Now, after some of the treatments, I do think it is very helpful. It allowed you to know which minerals my body needed. If nothing else, TBM sure didn't hurt anything, and if my having a very easy and comfortable pregnancy was a result of TBM, well, then, it's great!

Also- I don't know what you did when you asked the baby when it was going to come out (but it was the 'resist my arm' thing), but you sure were dead on about that!!"
— Katy Pieri, proud homebirth mother of Gabriel.