The Natural Healing Power of the Placenta Natural Healing Power of the Placenta


by Jennifer L. West, LM, CPM, HBCE,TBMP, CST, CH, PP&E

What if someone told you that they made a single supplement that could prevent postpartum depression, made sureyou had enough breast milk for your new baby, hurried you along the post-birth healing process, gave you plenty of energy, built back your blood supply and iron count, and gave you and your baby just the right nutritional and hormonal support for the first month after birth? Would you be interested?

Well, nearly every new mother can have the opportunity to experience a great postpartum, by using one simple resource. The placenta.

Join Jennifer West, as she explains how to harness the amazing healing power of the placenta, with complete step-by-step instructions.

The Natural Healing Power of The Placenta, by Jennifer L. West. (signed copy, paperback, 84 pages, published 2009.) $12.00

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