CranioSacral Frequently Asked Questions

What is CranioSacral Therapy?

A gentle, non-invasive (NOT forcing the body), hands-on therapy that modifies and corrects restrictions in the CranioSacral system.

What is the CranioSacral system?

A physiological (structural) system that has membranes which surround the Central Nervous System (CNS), Brain and Spinal Cord. The fluid that surrounds this system has a rhythm. By placing my hands on your body in different positions, I can evaluate this rhythm. In particular, I'm looking for a lack of rhythm or a change. This indicates the source of the symptoms in the body (usually the reason you came into the office for a treatment).

How are changes made with this gentle therapy?

Corrections are made by light touch ( 5 grams of pressure—think about the weight of a nickel laying on your body) over time. Time meaning that a light touch for a longer period of time will create more change than a firmer touch for a shorter period of time. Too firm of a touch creates the body to react and guard itself, defeating the process of releasing and relaxing into a proper placement and rhythm. If you think of CranioSacral Therapy as treating the support system of the body it will make more sense. Imagine your body as a house, think of all the things that could and would, go wrong if the foundation had collapsed and the house was leaning to one side... It would tend to effect 'everything', wouldn't it?

What happens during a treatment session?

Most people are pleased to learn that it's not necessary to take off your clothes. The first time I see you I will ask what brought you here and what you hope to have happen with treatment. Most CranioSacral treatments take place on a massage-type table, but can be done almost anywhere. It's more about you feeling relaxed and comfortable. I will put my hands on your body in different places. Sometime my hands will feel warm/hot or cool/cold to you. Sometimes there is a lot of talking and chatting during the session, and sometimes it's silent. There is no pushing, adjusting or manipulating your body into a set or 'correct' position.

The treatment is very gentle, in fact, if you were to watch the treatment on a video, you'd swear I wasn't really moving my hands or 'doing anything'. There is no intrusive probing into your past. Anything you want to tell me during the session is up to you. The contact is very gentle and relaxing. Occasionally, people fall asleep, or think they do, during treatment. I will tell you what I'm doing, where I need or want to place my hands before I change positions. You will leave feeling very good, relaxed, some clients report feeling 'taller', or feeling like they know a secret that no one else knows and the feeling can last for days.

How long does a treatment session last?

Usually an hour. Sometimes we can finish up in less time, or sometimes it can take a bit longer for your body to 'finish' with the treatment.

How many times will I need to come for treatment?

That depends on what you are coming for. Some clients come for very specific treatment for a specific problem. Some come for an 'overall overhaul'. Some come for routine preventative treatments, it's really up to you. I tell most of my clients that if you are not feeling changes or better in three treatments, I'll refer you to someone else. Some clients come because they feel so good afterwards, they don't really care what I'm 'doing or fixing'.

Will insurance pay for CranioSacral?

So far, I have not found an insurance company that will pay for this treatment.

What is the cost of a treatment?

Each session is $40. Cash, checks or credit cards are accepted.

How do I schedule a treatment?

To schedule an appointment, please contact Jenny.

What is the history of CranioSacral?

It evolved from several classically trained doctors (Dr. Andrew Taylor Still and Dr. William Garner Southerland), starting in the 1800's. Dr. John Upledger graduated in 1955 and started to investigate the history of this technique. He opened the Upledger Institute in 1985. For a detailed description go to