CranioSacral Testimonials

"I was in a motor vehicle crash where I suffered whiplash causing major headaches and radical reduced range of motion. I tried all the 'normal' methods for relief (i.e. chiropractic care, medication, etc) and nothing affected the pain.

It did sound a bit too "woo-woo' for my Western medicine mentality, but desperate times called for desperate measures as I was thinking at the time. One session of CranioSacral Therapy eliminated my pain and gave me back full range of motion in my neck and shoulders. Once I experienced that first session, I had no trouble believing in CranioSacral Therapy (CST) would work for me or anyone else.

Since recovering from my accident, I have regular CST sessions to help maintain my over-all health and well-being and find that the more CST work I have, the longer I go without general health complaints.

I found my experience and treatments with Jenny West to be very beneficial. Her touch was much more subtle than what I had witnessed and experienced in previous sessions. I felt very good after her treatment sessions.

In fact, after a few treatments with Jenny, my moods are more regular, my energy has improved and I feel physically more flexible overall.

If I had to describe my experience with Jenny, I would say that you will find a compassionate and understanding professional practitioner who will facilitate her clients' in meeting their objective of feeling better on a day-to-day basis and finding more well-rounded health for their bodies. I would feel very confident in recommending Jenny to others.

Now, if I had to define CST for someone it is practically impossible to quickly or definitively explain about CranioSacral Therapy. I have said to others, my own clients included, that it is like nothing you will ever experience wrapped in subtlety and nuance and yet, when your session is over the whole world will occur differently and with continued sessions, the difference becomes the norm!"

—David E. Hales, LMT, CST

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