Waterbirth Tub KitsDolphin Circle Waterbirth Tub Kits

Description, Specifications and Ordering Information.

Waterbirth Tub Kit Includes:

  • Inflatable vinyl tub (8 ply) 12 gauge (Graphic designs on tub vary)
  • Handheld air compressor for inflation/deflation of tub
  • Faucet adapter (for filling, draining and temperature control.)
  • 50 ft. hose
  • Glass thermometer
  • Cleaning concentrate (2 oz)
  • Easy to follow instructions

Safe and Clean:

Our tubs and equipment are new, providing you with no risk of cross infection from previous use. Each kit contains the identical equipment and components used by an experienced, licensed midwife who specializes in waterbirths.


You control when you receive your tub, as most orders are shipped "next day". Purchase your own tub kit and eliminate the stress of paying for a protracted rental period. No need to "pack up" the tub and mail it back. In order to guarantee customers a one-time use product, we do not provide refunds. Everything in your kit is new. Any malfunctioning part(s) will be replaced upon receipt of the damaged part. We invite your phone calls or emails to discuss the kit, and any questions you or your care provider might have in using water to help with your labor and/or birth.


Just the right size! Tubular baffle design hugs and supports you throughout your labor. Small enough to fit in standard sized bedrooms, while large enough to offer freedom of movement and the important buoyancy that often shortens the length of labor. Inflated floor prevents slipping, six-inch wide walls are sturdy, providing good insulation and allows the laboring woman to really relax "back" against the tub.


Tub easily converts to a "kiddie" swimming pool for hours of fun!

No Returns/Refunds:

Water birth tub kits are a "personal use item", so to ensure your safety, no refunds can be made on opened tub kits. Once you open the tub kit box, there's no refund. We endeavor to provide you with a low-cost, easy-to-use, all new equipment, safe option for using water for your labor and/or birth. In order to qualify for a refund, the kit must be un-opened and delivery refused (the mail carrier takes it right back, because you 'refuse delivery'). Refusal of delivery occurs when tub kits are ordered, but the baby arrives prior to the tub kit. This is the only circumstance that qualifies for a refund, less $35.00 shipping and handling.

Tub Specs and Ordering Information:

  • Diameter: 5'
  • Overall Depth: 23"
  • Water Depth: Underam Level
  • Capacity: 105 gallons
  • Filling Time: 20 to 60 minutes depending on type of hot water heater

$180.00: Dolphin Circle Waterbirth Tub Kit (Standard shipping in the US included)

Waterbirth Tub Kit

$45.00: Custom Sewn Cloth Liner. (optional) Feels nice against laboring Mother's skin and aids significantly in clean-up.