Purple Thistle Tea CompanyTasty Nursing Mom's Tea II:

A variation of the original "Tasty Nursing Tea" blend. A little more effective, but a little less tasty! Two more ingredients are included to help you with your milk supply. Has become a real favorite locally.

Tea mixture includes: Nettles, Mint, Lemon Grass, Fenugreek, Fennel Seed, Blessed Thistle, Milk Thistle Seed and Vitex.
NOTE: Vitex may encourage hormonal balancing, which encourages ovulation.

Teas and remedies

4oz Package of loose tea: $16.00


Purple Thistle Tea Company: Natural Teas
Nutritious, good-tasting teas and treatments for the child bearing/postpartum woman. All combinations are made and used by the practicing midwife, Jenny West. Only organically grown herbs are used.

Other teas you might enjoy:

Healthy Baby / Healthy Mom Prenatal Tea:
Tasty enough to drink, hot or cold, without adding sweetener. Keeps you feeling good throughout your entire pregnancy. It can also help you recover your "old self" after birth.

Tasty Nursing Mom's Tea:
This tea will help increase your milk supply, improve milk's nutritive value and ease any concerns about not having enough milk for your baby. Most "milk" teas are very bitter, but this tea can be enjoyed hot or cold, with very little or no added sweetener at all. A must for mothers with twins.

Postpartum Delight Tea:
If you are feeling overwhelmed, then this is the tea for you! One to two cups of tea a day establishes emotional calm and helps provide hormonal balance. A real help for the first weeks of postpartum.

Sandman Tea:
Having trouble "letting go" at night! Drink this nightly to help ease the mental "merry-go-round." If taken daily, has a cumulative effect of feeling and being calmer. No side effects, during or after pregnancy. No groggy or "dull and stupid" sensations the morning after, OR if awakened unexpectedly in the night. Safe for toddlers or "active" siblings to take.