Postpardum and Breastfeeding Tips From Midwife Jenny West


  • Liquid chlorophyll rebuilds body after blood loss: Take 1-3 Tbs in juice or water per day. Eases bodily stresses, returning to work, sleep deprivation and feeling overwhelmed. Makes Dad and Gramma feel better, too!
  • Wearing a raw cabbage leaf over each breast can relieve initial let-down breast engorgement discomfort.
  • Sore nipples during breast feeding? "Wear" teabags! Tannic acid in black (caffeinated) tea "pulls soreness out". Soak tea bags in hot water, apply to breasts as warm as possible. Use as needed for up to three days. If soreness persists, check latch-on technique! Contact your breast-feeding support person. You may continue using tea bags after a one day break.
  • Breast irritation? I formulated Lickety-Split Healing Balm (available on this site) especially for Nursing Moms as a solution for sore, cracked nipples. Lickety-Split Healing Balm is great for getting rid of diaper rash too! Vitamin E oil also helps prevent cracking/soreness and speeds healing of irritation from nursing.
  • A book that I recommend is Wise Woman Herbal for the Childbearing Year, by Susan S. Weed. (Available at