Purple Thistle Tea CompanyFussy Baby Remedy:

A glycerin extract of Catnip and Fennel Seed that works wonders for calming and comforting a fussy, colicky baby. Glycerin tastes sweet naturally, so the baby takes it easily. Great for toddlers, too! May take as often as needed. Store in refrigerator after opening.

Ingredients: 100% Glycerin, extracts of Catnip and Fennel Seed.

Testimonial for Fussy Baby Remedy:

"My grandson Tyler is doing much better with the Fussy Baby Remedy. My son was afraid to try it the first night due to his first son passing away from SIDS just last May. He and his wife are consumed with stress. However when I kept Tyler yesterday I gave him about 5 drops and he fell to sleep within 3 minutes. I asked them to give him the drops so they could get much needed sleep. I wanted to thank you for your help." —MG

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2oz bottle: Fussy Baby Remedy: $20.00


Purple Thistle Tea Company: Herbal Remedies
The Purple Thistle Tea Company offers a wide variety of remedies for Baby and Mom. We use only high quality ingredients in our teas and remedies.

Other herbal remedies you might enjoy:

Echinacea Glyceride:
The same tasty glycerin makes this an easy way for everyone to get echinacea, newborns included! Great for preventing illness and will help you get better sooner if you are already ill.

Echinacea Tincture:
A less tasty form of echinacea, but a little more effective. Best suited for older children and adults. Natural Cherry flavoring added, "to help the medicine go down..."

Lickety-Split Healing Balm:
A soothing, comforting, quick healing salve that's great for everything! Takes the "burn" or "discomfort" away on contact. Good for lips, rashes, chapping, chaffing, tears from birthing, C-section incisions, sore nipples from nursing (OK for the baby to "eat"), skin cracks on heels and hands, diaper rash and sunburn. So, keep a jar handy!

The Best Bathtub Tea:
Treat yourself to this delightful sitz bath! Premium ingredients for after birth soreness. Soak the pain away and speed healing. Lavender is an antibacterial herb and provides a very relaxing aroma. Rosemary "pulls" soreness out of bruised or healing tissues, increases circulation to the area to speed healing and is a "gladdening herb". It will lift your spirits. Sassafras is an analgesic (like aspirin for pain relief) and also an antibacterial. Comfrey knits torn or cut tissue together and speeds healing. One package contains four ready-to-use tea bags with instructions for preparing your bathtub "tea".

Calm Uterus Tincture:
Custom blend of herbs to ease uterine irritability and stop "false labor" pains. Taken daily keeps you more comfortable.

Mastitis Remedy:
A highly effective tincture for treating breast infections. Most effective when used early or at your first suspicions. Very potent -- do not exceed recommended dose -- may cause a toxic reaction that includes feeling dizzy, nauseated (similar to being seasick) and vomiting. If you experience any of these symptoms, decrease your dose, drink fluids and lay down. Symptoms will pass in 2-3 hours. Feel free to start at a lower dose than recommended if you are sensitive to medication.

Lactuca Virosa:
True galactogogue that really brings in the milk. Take 4 pellets, 4 times per day. Allow pellets to dissolve under your tongue. Remedy can be used in conjunction with Tasty Nursing Mom's Tea.