Why Homebirth?

Why not? Read this page carefully to help you decide just how you would like to birth your baby...

Choosing a hospital birth? Think about this...

Home is the place to have your baby, your way. You birth your baby in a relaxed, familiar environment where YOU are the center of attention! After all, it is your birth.

You are surrounded by family and friends, the people of your choosing, for support and assurance. You will not need to be hooked up to monitors or IV's at home. Your midwife will monitor your labor and baby with a hand-held device called a doppler. Using a doppler and charting the findings is just as safe and accurate as the belted monitors that tend to make you feel "trapped in bed" and, therefore, may make you feel less able to cope with your labor.

You and your baby are never separated.

Homebirth midwives are experts in normal birth. They specialize in normalizing the birth process with special attention to your physical and emotional needs during your pregnancy, birth and postpartum. Homebirth midwives also know that dietary habits and nutritional factors directly affect how you feel during your pregnancy and how you will birth.

We offer longer prenatal visits, usually an hour, in which you spend the entire time with your midwife, not waiting to be seen...
We treat each client as an individual, provide information and encourage you to become as informed as you feel you need to be in order to make informed decisions concerning your pregnancy and birth. Most homebirth midwives use complementary medicine to assist you through your pregnancy, birth and postpartum whenever applicable, along with routine prenatal care (weight check, urine check, blood pressure lab work, fetal heart rate, swelling, etc.) Complementary medicines include herbs, homeopathics, nutritional changes, chiropractic care, acupuncture, to name a few.

Because we are experts in normal birth, we recognize when traditional medical assistance is necessary, and will not hesitate to access all that is available to you when indicated. You need to believe that your body and your baby know how to birth, that birth is not a medical emergency that needs constant monitoring and a hovering need to intercede or intervene. Homebirth, however, is not for everyone. Nor is it for women with serious health problems or un-resolvable pregnancy complications.

(Below quote is from a mother of five, one hospital birth and four homebirths -- two were waterbirths and one was a waterbirth with HypnoBirthing.)

birth"Why homebirth? Why not!?"
:-) Home is where my family is, and where my baby was created. Home is where I am most loved and safe, and where I am most respected for my womanhood. At home I know without a doubt, despite my many flaws, that my body was designed for birthing. At home I can protect the atmosphere surrounding my baby's birth to reflect the sacredness of the event.

"Why waterbirth? Again, why not!?"
Water is peaceful and calming. Warm water takes so much of the gravity off my belly and does such a good job of relaxing me. Pain-killing drugs are not even an appealing option or temptation. Water reduces the pain I feel without deadening me to the process of birth. Further, being born into warm water in a calm environment just has to be a kinder, gentler way for my baby to enter the world. — Alison R.

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